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The Luxury Wedding You’ve Always Wanted

If you are a blushing bride-to-be you have probably poured over thousands of pictures of flowing, white dresses hoping to discover the wedding gown that is perfect for you. You’ve seen the designer garments and the cheap frocks; casual gowns and modest ensembles. You may have even researched vintage wedding dresses just to make sure you’ve covered all the bases.

Finding the gown that is right for you is no easy task but luckily our designers have so many beautiful styles of bridal dresses and gowns that soon you will turn a page or click a link, and the wedding dress of your dreams will be staring back at you.

The purpose of this site is to make your journey through the world of wedding dresses and gowns fun and easy. When most brides search for wedding dresses, they use the “I’ll-know-it-when-I-see-it” method, meaning that they want to experience an instant spark of attraction when they see their perfect dress. This is a great way to get an organic and inspired reaction, which will lead you in the right direction but there are other things to consider too.

Dresses for all Seasons

Our designer dresses made out of heavy luxurious fabrics are be gorgeous and enchanting but if you’re getting married in summer you may want to re-think all the layers of heavy crinoline. The date of your special day is a huge factor to consider when shopping for wedding gowns. Materials such as Duchess Satin and Brocade are very heavy and are a great choice for autumn or winter wedding clebrations. Lighter, breathable fabrics like Chiffon and Charmeuse are better for summer because they create a luminous and airy effect.

Time of year is also important when considering the design of your dress. Summer gowns are usually sleeveless, strapless or backless and are designed more like formal dresses rather than wedding gowns. Our designers also specialize in dresses for the entire bridal party, and can even help tailor suits for the groom and groomsmen. We also help create cocktail dresses and evening wear, set to dazzle at your next big event.

Plus Size Dresses to Petite

Shopping for a fancy gown or suit is just like shopping for the perfect pair of jeans or little black dress. You must consider your body type when making a decision. Thankfully, you can easily choose from plus size attire, petite designs, and everything in between. It’s important to remember the cardinal rule when shopping for fashion: Just because a style catches your eye, that doesn’t mean it will compliment your body type. A petite woman may be charmed by a traditional style dress with a huge poufy skirt and puffed out sleeves but this style will make her look shorter and she will appear as though she is being enveloped by the frock. Clothing that is slender and form fitting would be better suited a woman with this body type.

A woman who is pear-shaped or bottom heavy may adore the idea of a slender or “mermaid” style dress but this will make her look heavier than she is. Empire style dresses can do wonders for a woman with a pear-shaped body type. The high waist and flowing skirt of this style of dress will create a slenderizing effect.

Your Wedding Dress, your Personal Style

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the perfect dress for your special day, but the most important factor is your personal style. Today’s bride has a lot of choice when it comes to bridal gowns so it’s not unusual to feel overwhelmed. If your wardrobe consists of casual clothes then you may want to explore casual bridal frocks. If you find haute couture more appealing then you should explore the world of designer wedding dresses. Keep your personal style in mind and it will lead you in the right direction.

Suits, Dinner Jackets, and Cocktail Dresses

We don’t just design gowns, we’ve got incredible fashion options for the rest of the bridal party too, and the groom and groomsmen as well! We can help design the clothing for the entire party should you desire, including dashingly handsome, formalwear for men, crispy, modern and sharp dinner suits and cocktail party wear, and also fancy and bedazzling dresses for other parties and events. We’re not all just about dresses and we’re not just all about weddings either!

Luxurious Event Management and Designs

Our ability to help you doesn’t stop at doesn’t stop at keeping you looking stunning for your special day. We can also arrange for our interior design and event management teams to plan and prepare the perfect environment for your wedding or other special event. We have years of experience helping people throw epic parties for birthdays, anniversaries, welcome back and going away events and more. There’s nothing our team can’t handle! Beautiful fashion and dashing suits is just the beginning.

Talk to our team about their tips and ideas on setting up the perfect setting for your party. We have full time interior designers on our staff, who can help you upgrade your space at your home or office too! Many of our happy customers choose to integrate part of their party accessories such as pillows of wall hangings into their own home interior design after their big event. What better way to remind yourself of all those happy memories?

Our interior designer can help you plan this out too, if it sounds like something you want to do after your momentous party. Get in touch with someone at Pedro Clavero Design today to find out what we can do to make your event unforgettable!